Lander & Rogers is an innovative law firm utilising leading technology to provide solutions to its lawyers.

Recently, the firm made the strategic decision to migrate from its previous supplier for dictation technology to the BigHand Voice workflow following a comprehensive review of the latest BigHand V5 solution incorporating BigHand Hub and BigHand Now Mail.

Anthony Bleasdale, Managing Director BigHand APAC, added, “We have taken the concept of dictation and challenged law firms to think differently in using Voice to power workflow activities and tasks.”

“More and more law firms like Lander & Rogers are looking at new law, new technology and new ways to work in a climate where traditional solutions cannot deliver the end user engagement that we know law firms demand.

Whilst “Siri” or “Cortana” are bringing Voice back into focus, the fundamental need and power of being able to delegate tasks to the right resource; whether it be skills set or for cost effectiveness, remains a key focus”.

Sam Sofianos, Lander & Rogers’ CIO, highlighted why the move to BigHand as a partner was important for Lander & Rogers.

“Lander & Rogers’ focus is always on providing the best service and experience for all our clients.”

“The BigHand Go software has a clear emphasis on workflow enablement which lawyers can use on the move. This allows our lawyers to be anywhere, with a client, returning from court or a meeting, and still submit tasks through BigHand Go on a mobile device, sending the request to the right place first time”.