The developer of Amicus software, Gavel & Gown Software Inc has released its 2011 product line. New features include:

Time Entry Assistant – this pulls together and displays a single list of all completed activities for which a lawyer may want to bill their time, like emails, appointments, tasks, phone calls, notes and documents, and allows the user to instantly create a time entry for any item, or even a list of multiple items, with a single click of the mouse.

PDF Integration – enhanced integration with Adobe Acrobat®

Time Saver time entries – time entries can now be done in the background with a single click of the mouse, without interrupting the current workflow.

Time entries are now listed in the calendar

Enhanced Time Entries – time entries can now be done for any other timekeeper without having to open their office. Doing multiple time entries is faster and easier with the Save & New button – just stay on the screen and do as many as you need to – one right after the other.

Easy Viewing – For enhanced readability, various text fields are now displayed in larger fonts throughout Amicus

File Management – Files can now be filtered to enable working with a list of favourite files.

Australian consultant for Amicus Software – Sinch Software Tel: 02 9718 4076

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