The new President of the Law Council of Australia is Mr Alexander Ward. He is an Adelaide-based barrister and former President of the Law Society of South Australia.

Mr Ward has outlined his agenda for 2011:

He has indicated that the Law Council will continue to fully support the initiative of the Council of Australian Governments to reform the legislation governing the regulation of the legal profession.

In relation to regional, rural and remote (RRR) areas, Mr Ward said: “Throughout the coming year I will continue to work with both government and the legal sector to ensure a range of practical measures and initiatives are implemented to address the issue of attraction and retention of lawyers in RRR areas.”

Mr Ward has said another priority for the Law Council this year will be to ensure greater coordination of the work being undertaken in the Pacific. “One of my initiatives in this area will be the development of a masterclass program to enhance current legal practices in the region.”

Another major priority will be enhancing opportunities for women in the law, both as solicitors and barristers, continuing work on the development of the Military Court and working towards implementing the undertakings outlined in the Policy Statement on Indigenous Australians and the Legal Profession.

“In particular I am hopeful that within my Presidential year I will be able to launch the Law Council’s first Reconciliation Action Plan.”

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