Lawyers wanting to market their services to the Chinese-speaking Australian market can now do so successfully through a revolutionary new platform that is geared towards wealth education and creation.

Grei is a new mobile app that combines wealth education resources, wealth management tools and recommended solutions providers, giving its users a holistic, end-to-end pathway for financial success.

Every step of the wealth creation journey is catered for, from formulating financial goals and learning about different investment options to finding recommended service providers (including wealth management experts, funds managers, stock brokers, investment consultants, real estate consultants, legal specialists, and accountants and a range of other alternative investment consultants who can facilitate the required transactions.

With more than 300,000 Chinese-speaking users already using the platform, Grei’s services marketplace represents a significant opportunity for service providers in the financial services industry to access a massive untapped market.

“The saying that ‘ it’s not what you know, but who you know’ applies doubly when doing business with the Chinese market. The launch of Grei will open up doors for service providers to connect with Chinese-Australian investors.

“Essentially, Grei will be acting as a trusted intermediary, and users will have the reassurance that any service provider listed on the platform has been rigorously checked and vetted beforehand,” said Philip Peng, Grei CEO.

Lawyer’s listing on the platform are subject to Grei’s strict selection and due diligence checks prior to on-boarding, and performance is reviewed and monitored on an ongoing basis.

Service providers are charged landing fees or lead fees, depending on the industry, and are also required to submit a certain number of Q&As and articles to the knowledge base.

Having a Chinese background is not required for service providers, as Grei offers translation services to address any language barriers.

Grei’s online service marketplace is complemented by the world’s first knowledge base dedicated to “premium wealth thinking”, which spans articles, Q&As,podcasts, interviews, video tutorials and live webinars developed by experts from around the world, including ultra high net worth individuals, CEOs of well-known companies and leading academics.

“At Grei, we believe that achieving wealth is within everyone’s reach. You don’t need to be rich to start thinking about investing your money; indeed, it’s those ofmodest means who stand to benefit the most from using Grei’s resource.

“We are building a platform that seeks to minimise the gap between the haves and the have-nots, making it possible for anyone – not just the ones born with asilver spoon in their mouth – to improve their financial position and acquire wealth. I believe the Chinese community has a lot to learn from western practices,”added Mr Peng.

Grei is free to join, and the majority of the content is free. Additional ‘premium content’ is available for a small fee, and it will be rolling out optional face-to-face specialist training seminars across Australia and the Asia Pacific in 2018.

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Grei is a global wealth content platform that empowers everybody to take control of their finances and achieve their financial goals. It offers the same tools, advantages and insights previously enjoyed by only a privileged few to help anyone realise their dreams. Initially targeted at helping Chinese-Australian investors, Grei is planning to roll its platform out to other markets globally as it expands its online community. It is available for download from the Apple AppStore.