The new app is the creation of respected professional services consultant, Joel Barolsky, principal of Barolsky Advisors. The app includes free and paid features. It is currently available for iOS, with an Android version under development. 

The app allows a lawyer to set criteria for a fixed-fee quote. Different criteria can be given different weightings so that variables are incorporated in the pricing decision. You can select from over 50 pre-defined decision criteria and add your own. 

It is often said that pricing is as much an art as it is a science. The app enables inputs such as “how much do I want this” ranging from “jump out of bed” to “keep sleeping”.¬†

It also considers the project or matter to be priced from the client’s point of view with inputs such as “client’s pain points.” Also relevant to pricing decisions is¬†weighing up your competition for the project. This category of input is also covered.¬†

John Chisholm, an authority on Value Pricing, says ‚Äúthere is great nobility in being paid what you are worth. This App is a terrific tool to help professionals understand the value they are providing.‚ÄĚ

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