Law firms have deep legal expertise but can struggle to monetise this knowledge beyond ‘selling’ advice.

With the help of technology, law firms can turn this expertise into software applications that clients can use in their day-to-day work. This provides an opportunity to attract new clients and create a new source of monetisation of existing legal expertise.

Thanks to a company called Checkbox, law firms will not need coding skills and will not need to hire software engineers to take advantage of these opportunities.

The Checkbox platform allows law firms to easily build digital applications using a drag and drop methodology and text input. 

Checkbox co-founder Evan Wong told Legal Practice Intelligence that the applications can be used by a law firm client as a self-service tool “which provides a better customer experience, boosts productivity, and even enables the ability to commoditise and monetise legal expert knowledge.”

Why haven’t you heard about a service like this before? One reason might be that Checkbox is a startup that was established a little over one year ago.

The potential of the company has been recognised with a number of awards. LexisNexis as well as some major law firms are already clients.

The three co-founders are [L-R pictured below] James Han, Evan Wong and well-known entrepreneur, Paul Wenck who is a co-founder of EverydayHero.

For a demonstration of the Checkbox platform visit

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