Update from seek.com.au

The latest numbers show just how much coronavirus has impacted the labour market. Since the beginning of March, national job ads (all sectors) have declined by:

12.6% in week ended 8 March and,
17.3% in week ended 15 March and,
41.3% in week ended 22 March and,
64.6% in week ended 29 March and,
65.3% last week, week ended 5 April.

Victoria and New South Wales are showing the biggest declines in the past week with job ads down 71.6% and 67.4% respectively.

Where the jobs are:

Essential retail services: roles across warehouse and distribution such as shelf stackers, delivery drivers, supply chain managers and warehousing supervisors.

Manufacturing: the additional demand for household staples has seen businesses across manufacturing need more workers to keep up with production, so factories can operate at an increased capacity.

Mining & Resources: Large resource companies are looking for highly skilled roles such as diesel fitters, auto electricians and also more general skilled roles like truck drivers and machine operators.

Virtual working / Digitisation: software development and cyber security are in demand.

Family support; nannies and tutors, as parents and carers who now need to work from home look for additional support at home with care and education.

Healthcare; Nursing – Aged Care, General Medical & Surgical, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, OT & Rehabilitation, Psychology, Counselling & Social Work.

Customer support: call centre operators and managers and customer support staff.