KPMG has shown its hand on how it aims to become the dominant global player in legal services. Will it be through Artificial Intelligence, through Uberisation, through weaponising its battalions of accountants?

Based on a recent foray in France, it will be through the standard professional services methodology of ‘poaching’ staff. 

145 lawyers (some reports 130) have decamped from the largest law firm in France, Fidal to join the legal services division of KPMG.

Here’s what the head of Fidal had to say about it: “C’est inadmissible! Cette décision est contraire à tous nos accords, à la déontologie des avocats. C’est un coup de force de l’audit auprès de la profession d’avocats”, tonne Yves de Sevin, le président de Fidal.

KPMG has more than 2,300 legal professionals in 76 countries and reported record legal services growth in 2018 of 30%.

Based on recent developments, 2019 looks like it will be another strong year for KPMG.

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