It was a historic moment on the evening of 28 March 2017 at the Phillip Street headquarters of the Law Society of NSW. It was the launch of the FLIP Report, the report of the Commission of Inquiry into the Future of Law and Innovation in the Profession.

This was a landmark inquiry, both nationally and internationally, on the role of technology in the legal profession. The founders and organisers of the inquiry were truly inspired in their ideas and their execution. So many people contributing to the inquiry shared openly and generously of their knowledge and experiences.

But along with all the achievements, insights and recommendations, on the night it felt as if technology had finally been admitted to the law firm partnership.

The Law Society of NSW through this inquiry has acknowledged the importance of technology in legal practice, and even more so, will be encouraging and assisting its members to stay up to date.

There are many recommendations and things to be done as a result of the inquiry. There are ethical considerations and regulatory matters but there are always ethical considerations and regulatory matters when it comes to legal practice.

Those gathered at Level 2 of 170 Phillip Street witnessed the launch of the FLIP Report by the Law Society of NSW President Pauline Wright who was also Deputy Chair of the FLIP Inquiry. Gary Ulman, Chairman of the Inquiry and Immediate Past President of the Law Society thanked all those involved in making the Inquiry a success, with special mention of the contribution of Lana Nadj.

Also speaking at the event was Michael Takeuchi,  Google Australia Senior Counsel and Head of Legal. Mr Takeuchi spoke on three points: 1. We are in a period of rapid technological change 2. The technology will fundamentally transform our profession and 3. Technology can be used to address social justice issues like access to justice.  

L-R: Pauline Wright, Michael Takeuchi and Gary Ulman

LINK to FLIP Report page