Andrea Foot explaining the Advantage Suite of Solutions

The ‘what’ is one of the most innovative new software solutions released this year. The ‘who’ is an Australian public company with annual revenues approaching $100 million.

The size of the company and its innovative software creations have not stopped it from being one of the least known-about vendors in the Legal IT market. Why this is the case is an interesting question but not one that is explored here.  

The new software release is a product called Advantage WIP Finder. The company that produces it is Advanced Professional Solutions Pty Ltd (APS). Still in the dark about who this company is and what software it produces?

Let’s start with the Advantage WIP Finder? In short, it will find WIP that you have missed recording. The software will inform you, in a web-browser interface, how much time you spent on each telephone call (mobile or landline), the number you were connected to and the client matter with which it was associated. It can also report on emails which may have originated from your desktop or smartphone.

If that’s not already enough, it reports on drafting and printing documents, digital dictation and more. You decide what systems it integrates with and the “smart” report that it produces can be overlaid onto your existing time recording system. This will visually highlight any chargeable work that you may have missed recording.

What kind of company would dare to develop software that integrates with such a diverse range of systems? A little background about APS will help solve this mystery.

APS was founded in New Zealand in 1991 and entered the Australian market in 1998. Its core product is an accounting and practice management system used by public accounting firms. APS Advance is used by 75 of the top 100 accounting firms in Australia and has a user base of 750 accounting clients. In 2004 APS was acquired by the Australian public company Reckon, which is best known as the distributor of Quickbooks in Australia.

In January 2009 Billback was acquired by the Reckon group and was merged with APS. At that time Billback was owned by Espreon.

Billback, which was founded in Australia, was a name long associated with expense recovery technology. In even earlier times it was known as a physical device that could be attached to a photocopier. The name Billback ceased to exist in Australia when it was rebranded as Advantage. As part of the Reckon group it is achieving success in the United States where it is known as nQueue Billback.

The ability to fearlessly integrate systems comes from the Billback heritage of the company. At present, the Advantage WIP Finder is ideally suited to firms with at least a few fee earners. The software is part of a suite of solutions for law firms that has at its core a cutting edge N-Tier SQL database.

To find out more about the Advantage Suite of Solutions contact Andrea Foot, National Client Manager (Legal) APS Tel: 02 9965 1300, view the flyer about the Advantage WIP Finder or visit