Since its inception in July 2010, People + Culture Strategies (PCS) has quickly established itself as one of the leading Australian law firms in people management and workplace law. Founder and Managing Partner Joydeep Hor puts this down to a non-traditional approach, of offering more than just legal advice and acting as a longer-term business partner to clients as opposed to providing one-off transactional advice.

Having previously been Managing Partner at another leading Australian workplace relations law firm, Joydeep had a strong vision for how PCS would stand out and that included having Apple Macs rather than PCs for all staff. However, he and his Practice Manager, Sarah Lilley, quickly found that this created a challenge in sourcing a suitable LRM solution.

“It’s ridiculous in this day and age, when Macs are so much more common, that there are so few Mac compatible LRM solutions available,” said Joydeep. “But that was exactly the problem we found ourselves facing.”

Sarah Lilley undertook fairly extensive research and reviewed several other solutions both online and through personal product demonstrations, before choosing LawMaster.

“From an accounting perspective it ticked all the boxes and it’s one of the most robust document management systems I’ve seen,” she said. “The fact that it also had payroll built into it was a real bonus.”

Joydeep added: “The Mac compatibility was the number one reason we went with LawMaster, but we also liked the LawMaster team who shared similar values to us with their focus on long-term business partnerships. And the pricing model is pragmatic.”

“As a relatively small business, we outsource our IT support and LawMaster worked very closely with our IT suppliers to install the software and get our team trained up. We have been very pleased with the decision to use LawMaster. It’s been a seamless process.”

After the initial three months of use, PCS is just starting to realise the potential of LawMaster. There have been improvements on time entry and billing procedures have been streamlined significantly. Says Joydeep: “We have noticed major efficiency improvements in document management. We are spending less time searching for things at all levels of the organisation.”

LawMaster’s remote connectivity ability has enabled the PCS team to access all aspects of its functionality from home or other off-site locations, such as client offices. Its integration and search functions have also made the team more productive wherever they work, improving work/life balance.

With plans to grow the size of the legal team and start a dedicated HR consulting and training offering in the next 12 months, Joydeep is confident LawMaster is compatible with PCS’s growth plans.

“LawMaster offers seamless integration with our systems,” he says. “With IT solutions you typically notice them when they are not working. With LawMaster the opposite is true: we certainly notice that it is working for us.”