Dragon types for you as you speak, and as we talk three times faster than we can type, the productivity implications are considerable.

It quickly and accurately turns your spoken words into text. It lets you put your voice to work to easily dictate and edit documents, proposals, reports and more. With Dragon you spend less time producing documents, and more time on activities that boost the bottom line.

“I thought I was a good typist until I started using Nuance Dragon Legal,” explains Joseph Garven, a Patent Attorney with New Zealand’s leading patent and trademark attorney firm, James & Wells. “Most of my work involves writing and preparing letters and documents, so it’s much easier to look at the screen and talk, rather than type for hours on end. It’s also much faster which means I can get through more work.”

Dragon also works with all Microsoft Office applications, you can create spreadsheets and presentations by simply using your voice.

The solution also lets you speak to send emails, and as it’s compatible with popular web browsers, you can also deploy Dragon to search the web and use social media with unparalleled speed, ease and comfort.

“I often have long telephone calls with clients and have to follow up with file notes or confirmation emails to clients and other parties,” says Gus Hazel, a Partner at James & Wells. “After the call I switch over to Dragon and start speaking while everything is still fresh in my mind. Dragon quickly and accurately types up my file notes. I also use it to compose and send my emails. It’s fast, and far more efficient than typing.”

Edit documents with ease

Editing documents with a speech recognition solution is also easy so that you can turnaround your documents fast. Whether you wish to delete a line, select type, or apply formatting such as bold, underline, or capitalisation, most solutions let you do this with great accuracy and speed.

If your business or industry uses specific jargon, that’s no problem at all. Speech recognition solutions such as Dragon let you add customised words for accurate recognition of your industry’s terms and acronyms.

Work hands-free

You’re also likely to be impressed with the hands-free capability of the more sophisticated speech recognition solutions. It lets you do two things at once and gives you the freedom to move around while you continue working.

“The handsfree feature of Dragon is particularly useful when I’m drafting submissions as I can get up and pace around my office, which helps me think.  I dictate my thoughts while I’m still on my feet and Dragon quickly transcribes them into words,” explained Gus.

The flexibility to work hands-free also means that you can work comfortably and more ergonomically. And because you’re using your voice to get things done on your computer, Dragon helps to reduce the physical strain and stress of typing.

Finding your voice

Speech recognition solutions reward the user by helping you gain precious time. Work that may have taken hours – typing numerous documents or clearing your inbox – can now be achieved faster by simply using your voice, and the time saved can be allocated to increasing productivity, driving growth and boosting revenue.

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