March 2021 saw more than 30,000 refinance transactions, the highest since June 2020

Queensland broke a 14-year property record in Jan-Mar 2021 quarter recording its highest third quarter property sales numbers since FY 2007.

Five states recorded double digit percentage growth year-on-year in February, March, April and May 2021.

Queensland population growth is the highest it’s been in 16 years. The Gold and Sunshine Coasts are the main beneficiaries of people leaving NSW and Victoria.

The ‘Covid months’ of 2020 were shockingly bad for sales volumes. The current buoyant environment compared to the Covid months has produced some startling statistics:

Nationally, year-on-year sales were 66% higher in April/May 2021 compared to 2020. In WA it was 126.5% higher; QLD 89.7% higher; NSW 71.2% higher; SA 69.1% higher and Victoria 32.5% higher.