If a firm established in 1864 can go paperless then it would seem that any other firm is just making excuses. However, one of the essential elements of achieving paperless is a great document management system. Rees R & Sydney Jones recently bought and implemented Worldox. Tony Vaughan, the firm’s general manager, said that “Worldox has enabled us to move completely into the ‘Paperless Office’.”

A quick introduction to Rees R & Sydney Jones (based in Rockhampton)

Worldox continues its expansion in the global document management system (DMS) market, reporting abundant sales activity in emerging technology markets such as Northern Africa, South America, and the Middle East. Also, Worldox continues to drive business internationally in Canada and Australia. This international activity is primarily driven by Worldox’s vast international channel of resellers and systems integrators who are aggressively marketing both the desktop and cloud/SaaS versions of Worldox.

Worldox president Ray Zwiefelhofer says: “Worldox already has more than 6,000 customers in 52 countries and we are encouraging our resellers to break new ground in untapped markets. With both the desktop and cloud versions available, Worldox is increasingly becoming more widespread in business, both at law firms and other companies. Since Worldox’s document management technology brings productivity and efficiency for any type of organization, we see unlimited potential for capturing more market share.”

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