The solution is designed to provide clients of law firms with a secure and flexible way to access to their matters and documents over the web and on mobile devices. It is neatly integrated with many of the leading legal applications. 

In response to client feedback and technological advancements, the product has been completely re-written from the ground up.  The focus has been on supporting faster data access, an extended security model, a modern user interface as well as a range of new functionality.

Stephen Butler, CEO of Red Rain, said, “We have made a substantial investment in re-imagining and re-architecting the core of our RedView platform that underpins all of our modules. Version 2 makes RedView a true enterprise platform for client access, an architecture for the future.” 

He continued, “One central data warehouse now supports all practice areas and the RedView portal can now be configured with different views and security profiles for different types of clients.  No longer does a large firm have to build and maintain separate portals for departments and the small firm can have all the client web access facilities provided by larger firms, at fraction of the cost”.

Other features of the new release (v2) include:

  • A dashboard view of the client’s portfolio
  • The ability to easily load documents for client access
  • Support for Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari browsers
  • Responsive design for the display of information on iPads
  • Multi factor authentication
  • Improved management of large data sets
  • Improved user management and usage monitoring
  • Analytics in relation to client activity

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