A small Canberra-based startup has a giant ambition to make compliance simple for Australian organisations. The Polibase web platform helps organisations stay on-top of regulatory change and provides them with tools for managing compliance and understanding the regulatory landscape.

If that sounds like a grand task for a startup to achieve, you can add to it that the coverage of jurisdictions is Australia-wide.

If you’re thinking that this challenge is too ambitious then you probably haven’t examined the bios of the people who are working on the service. You can read more about the Polibase team at the end of this article.

Polibase is made possible through the application of technology that monitors regulations in the public domain and uses artificial intelligence to analyse their impact on a business.

While the service has been devised for end-user businesses and organisations, the company is open to providing it to law firms and entering into partnership arrangements with technology companies in the legal sector.

Polibase is about to enter a pilot phase and you can sign up here


The Polibase team includes: 

Liam Osawa (CEO) 
After a successful stint at a Sydney fintech startup (2014-17), Liam has worked in policy and built a research company that has worked with the Red Cross, KultureBreak, IP Australia and many more. At Polibase – he leads the strategy and management of the company, ensuring it can reach its goal of disrupting the legal and political information industry.
Jacob Richter (CTO) 
Co-founding three successful startups and after leading Technology Solutions at Grosvenor Consulting, Jacob is a well-experienced programmer creating SaaS, AI, and machine-learning solutions. At Polibase – he leads technical development and creation of a platform that can analyse and summarise legislation and political data.
Adi Sevak (CDO) 
Leading quantitative strategy at First Markets Capital, Adi comes to the team with a wealth of experience in statistics, data science and modelling. At Polibase- he manages the immense amount of data that the platform consumes and analyses – ensuring perfect insights are delivered to our clients.
Sam Taylor (CMO) 
Leading in-house public policy and strategic communications, Sam has broad industry experience working with VC firms and accelerators like Tusk Ventures and Startup Aus. At Polibase – he manages the messaging and understanding of our customers. Ensuring a perfect product is delivered to our clients.