Foolkit is a free tool kit that puts much of what lawyers and their staff use on the internet at their fingertips.

Andrew Rogers, author of Foolkit states: “I originally wrote Foolkit for my own law firm, so it has a very practical focus. The surprise outcome of writing Foolkit was that lawyers saved 30 to 60 minutes a week from making it their home page. Support staff saved about half of that.”

“Daily practice is as much about the facts behind a case and the steps you have to take to help a client, as it is about Legislation and cases. Foolkit combines the two. So Family Law, for example, is not just instant access to a section of the Family Law Act or daily case list. It is also about local counselling services, the value of a car, title searches and marriage certificates and legal aid” according to a statement from Foolkit.

Foolkit has created AustLII Easy Search to solve the problem of getting too many AustLII search results. You fill in a form and it asks the “right” questions for you. Visit Foolkit at