A recent study revealed that amongst children aged 11-16 years, one in five (17%) dreamed of becoming a social media influencer as a career. As an already grown-up lawyer, you should also want to be a social media influencer. You’ll want to influence people to become your clients.

As a lawyer, you have a huge amount of knowledge in your specific field. You can use this knowledge to provide legal commentary on events and news as it relates to your area of expertise. Another path is to put your lawyer-persona aside and share your knowledge and experience about something else that you are passionate about.

It’s a content jungle out there. How do you break through? It may seem like an impossible task that’s not worth the investment of your time. But it’s not impossible. If were impossible then you would not be following, stalking or obsessing about the people that you follow on social media.

More encouragement comes from ‘professor of influenceology’, Sam Cawthorn. He has written a new book titled People Follow People – a practical 12-step guide to help you become an influencer that people actually want to follow – in response to many people asking how they can become a genuine influencer and grow their following in today’s world. 

The tips and advice shared in the book are largely learnt through Sam’s experience, whereby a devastating car accident left him with without his right arm and a severe disability in his leg. However, Sam didn’t let that stop him in any sense, and went on to write five best-selling book and win the Young Australian of the Year (Tasmania) Award.

Sam Cawthorn

The book also delves into the characteristics of some of the world’s best leaders and how you can harness their skillset to win respect, and tie hearts and minds to you for a lifetime no matter what industry you are in.

Sam’s top 3 secrets to becoming an influencer that people really want to follow – and examples of each – are:

Build your character, not charisma

Big personalities don’t necessarily mean leadership material. While charisma is a great asset for influencers, over the coming years, consumers will be demanding even greater transparency. A person of strong character who lives and leads honestly and ethically, will outlast someone who only shows us the ‘highlight reel’ of their lives. A great example of this type of influencer, is former First-Lady, Michelle Obama. She championed many fantastic causes while she was First-Lady, yet was authentic, passionate and charismatic in her delivery – a winning combination and why she is beloved around the world.

Build integrity before you build your brand

You brand is important, but it can only get you so far. If you want to be a genuine influencer that builds a loyal following, integrity is the key. A strong personal brand in combination with unwavering integrity will naturally attract people to you. A great example of someone who has build integrity alongside their brand, is author and speaker Tim Ferris. Through his own dissatisfaction with being overworked, Tim developed the 4-Hour Work Week model and built his brand around his shortcomings – with his genuine values at the core of his business strategy.

Be okay with being small

Unfortunately, social media has taught us that in order to be influential, you need to have a huge audience of followers. However, when it comes to real influence, bigger isn’t always better. As you grow your profile, do the small things well and give them your full attention – don’t skimp on engaging with your audience, communicate regularly and do your research before putting things into market. This will ensure that your audience trust you and can grow with you. Author and TV Host Marie Forleo started her career knowing that there was something big going to happen in her life. As a “self-made millionaire” Forleo started her career “serving drinks, cleaning toilets, and waiting tables” so she can learn about communication and how to win the attention of others. The rest is history. Start small and the big will come.

To find out more or to buy a copy of People Follow People visit https://www.samcawthorn.com or visit any leading retailer. RRP $19.99