If you have a law firm with one, two or three lawyers, should your website mimic that of a law firm with one hundred or one thousand lawyers?

A couple of months ago Matt Homann wrote about law firm websites under the following headings: “Is your website for your clients or for your peers?” and in relation to lawyer website biographies: “Your Clients Don’t Care Where You Went to Law School.”

Lawyer J. Matt Buchanan (Perrysburg, OH USA) rewrote his bio as a result of being inspired by Matt Homann’s ideas. Legal Practice Intelligence believes that Mr Buchanan got it right.

Other innovations on Mr Buchanan’s law firm website are on the Home Page and About Us sections.

The home page contains just 20 words. Do you really need to fill your home page full of words to convey your main marketing message? Mr Buchanan achieves this goal with 20 words.

On 1 October 2010, Mr Buchanan’s firm became Buchanan + Nipper when Stephen M. Nipper joined the practice. To mark the occasion, Mr Buchanan has been tweeting 31 of the firm’s guiding principles – a new one each day during the month of October.

The guiding principles are summarised into 10 principles on the firm’s website.

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