Smokeball has launched a new app called Communicate. Its aim is to securely connect lawyers and conveyancers with their clients. According to Smokeball, “email is now deemed insecure and many are worried about their emails being hacked. In response we have developed Communicate, a secure file sharing and messaging platform and mobile app.”

If you are in Melbourne on 17 October 2019, Smokeball is holding a free Tech Masterclass between 12.00pm and 2.30pm.

Topics include:

  • What the increase in cyber crime means for legal and conveyancing businesses.
  • How policy, procedures, people and technology measures can protect your firm from the threat of email phishing attacks.
  • The importance of keeping software up to date. You may think it happens automatically, but it’s a little more complicated – discover the real story and why it matters.
  • The risks associated with removable media such as USB memory sticks and how correct use can protect your business.
  • Smokeball’s new secure file sharing and messaging app ‘Communicate’ – A first within the Australian Legal & Conveyancing industry!
  • How business KPIs and legal and conveyancing software can help you increase profitability and achieve your goals in the current market
  • The many benefits of transferring to a completely paperless office. 
  • The latest in eCoveyancing and eSettlement technology.
  • ELN Security and how Interoperability creates & facilitates safe, secure competition.

More about the Masterclass

More about the new app, Communicate