Sparke Helmore’s implementation of BigHand Voice for digital dictation is not only a case study for the benefits of a software solution but an example on how technology implementations can go right.

Lee Hodge, IT Director at Sparke Helmore, led the implementation of BigHand Voice for digital dictation (when her role was Project Manager). Lee commented, “We also saw BigHand’s team as different to most IT suppliers in that they act as partners and consultants, sharing their market-leading knowledge and expertise with their clients, which is an important element of any successful working partnership”.

“The BigHand team led the implementation phase — from the technical requirements right through to user training. BigHand supplied helpful supporting documentation and even sourced hardware for our end-users. The smooth roll out of the software, as well as managing the change among the lawyers and the WP team was crucial to the success of the project”, commented Lee, adding “We got our senior leadership involved to lead by example so as to encourage staff to adopt the software, stressing the merits of BigHand compared to the previous bespoke solution”.

The BigHand solution lived up to its promise of efficiency gains and cost savings. Word processing staff are now better scheduled according to demand which is monitored and tracked through the BigHand system. A smartphone dictation app has enabled the reduction of capital investment into specialised dictation equipment. The system has enabled lawyers to more easily do dictations ‘on the go’ and WP staff to work remotely.

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