There is a new arms race in the world of legal service delivery, and it is focused on Automation and Artificial Intelligence. Providers such as US-based ROSS Intelligence aim to ‘Supercharge lawyers with artificial intelligence.’ Generally, these tools open up advances in machine learning and automation to lawyers delivering legal services. 

An Australian Start-Up, Compliance Quarter, entered the race just over a month ago and looks to differentiate itself by developing customised tools that are accessible to all.  The tools being deployed are designed to complement (rather than replace) the work of lawyers. 

Automated Review

Compliance Quarter released its first automated document review tool last week to coincide with National Privacy Awareness Week. In this first use, the automated review tool will analyse any uploaded privacy policy, identify key omissions and produce a report on its findings in a matter of seconds. Compliance Quarter estimates this task would take a person between two and eight hours to complete at the same level.

When used by a law firm, the automated review tool will act as a second set of eyes, instantly identifying areas that should be covered in a letter of advice, an employment agreement or deed of release. 

Reducing the Risk of Oversight

The automated review tool can be used as a quality control check, reducing the risk of oversight. Lawyers are under immense pressure to ensure that each document they draft is comprehensive. To be comprehensive, a lawyer must have a working knowledge of multiple areas of law. The consequences of a lawyer failing to cover key areas can be disastrous both for themselves professionally and for their clients. 

Insurance providers currently provide advice checklists that can be downloaded and used by lawyers for this very reason. Compliance Quarter can automate much of this work, reduce the risk of oversight and improve the quality of what is sent to a client. 

Compliance Quarter is now in discussions with firms looking to implement this technology in their practices and expects to make further announcements next month. 

Compliance Quarter

Compliance Quarter brings compliance into the 21st century by using of automation, natural language processing and other software-based solutions. 

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