[Image: Greg Weiss with his new book, So You Got The Job!]

A new job in a new firm can be like arriving in a new country. There is new language to learn, a new culture, an explicit hierarchy as well as a hidden one.

Somehow, in this foreign land, you are supposed to sit down and hit expected levels of performance while someone has their finger on the probationary-period eject button. 

Starting in a new firm is such a daunting experience that (economy-wide) one in five people fail in their probationary period and many others leave in the first 45 days. These statistics are provided by author, Greg Weiss in his new book, So You Got The Job!

On Monday your new firm will tell you where the coffee machine is kept; on Tuesday, where to find Leave Forms but what about Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, or as Mr Weiss has subtitled his book, WTF is Next? Proven Steps to Succeed in Any New Job.

Employers and law firms have come a long way with onboarding and induction but acculturation is usually in the hands of the new-starter. Although the book should be a must-read for all employers, it is written specifically for employees. Think of it as a ‘lonely planet’ guide to your new organisation.

So You Got The Job! WTF IS Next? is a combination of principles and workbook. The author draws on three decades of experience in the corporate world, recruitment and HR. Australia-based, Mr Weiss provides a range of services to firms for onboarding, integrating and offboarding staff.

At the core of Mr Weiss’ employee onboarding work is the McKinsey 7-S Alignment Framework of: Shared Values, Structure, Style, Skills, Strategy, Staff and Systems. Mr Weiss helps new employees align with any firm. During the fraught probationary period, he will recommend one alignment strategy for each part of the 7-S Framework. The exercises in the book help the new employee tailor these to their new firm.

If you are not from the world of HR, as most of us are not, it is shocking to think that such important and valuable ideas are not already ‘standard’ for those who are starting in a new organisation. Mr Weiss’ new book gives employees a framework, tools and a structured approach when starting in a new organisation. The book also reminds us that the challenges we face in this new ‘land’ are not unique. They are faced by everyone starting in a new firm. 

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Article written by Peter Frankl.