Conveyancing and Trust Account System (CATS) software has experienced strong support from its home market in South Australia. In just the first year of the system being available on the open market in South Australia, over 80 licensed conveyancing practices and 6 law firms have implemented the software. 

CATS is a joint venture between Nickel IT Systems and the Australian Institute of Conveyancers South Australian Division (AICSA).

A spokesperson for CATS stated that “communication with users is fundamental to the ongoing development program and long term goals for customer service and reliability of CATS”.

“In this electronic age, word has somehow spread and enquiries are coming from practices in other States. While one business in Alice Springs is being supported, interstate expansion plans will only progress when it can be assured that backup and support are available, to ensure the integrity of the service. So watch this space for more updates” stated the CATS spokesperson.

More about the system

The key functions of the software include full trust accounting, document management and document assembly. Additional features include business management tools. The ability to set authorisation levels for individual staff functions and a series of statistical reports of business activities are also available.

The software comes with conveyancing precedents which are automatically populated with client information. There is also an ability to modify and/or create your own customised precedents. 
CATS produces settlement statements that include a tax invoice component. A GST summary is produced with every fee draw report and there are many other reports that ease the process and workload. There is no office or general ledger accounting functionality, with most users likely to be using other accounting software to handle this aspect.
The origin of CATS

The AICSA began searching several years ago for the right software package that would meet a set of stringent criteria, now and into the future. They believed that the best option was right there in South Australia with CATS and Mr Nick Xenides.

Mr Xenides began developing the software 5 years ago for his own conveyancing firm. His background has been important to the software’s development. He is both a currently practising licensed conveyancer and a computer programmer. Until recently, he lectured on computer programming at the University of South Australia.

Mr Xenides and AICSA worked together to create the first release. This was a new upgraded system that was tested and modified for six months in a busy working conveyancing business. Continual feedback and discussions with clients over the past year has enabled Mr Xenides to improve and modify CATS to become what it is today.

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