What is missing the most in the legal hackathon movement?

What is missing the most in the legal hackathon movement is not enthusiastic younger people who are in the early stages of their careers. What is missing the most is the participation of older experienced lawyers, technologists and practice managers. Don’t underestimate the contribution you can make if you have worked in law firms, in-house or in any aspect of the legal system for years or decades. You know the problems that exist. You know the minefields that need to be navigated to turn ideas into successful initiatives. Here is your chance to come together with an inter-generational group as […]

Watch: Five Things I Learned Launching a Legal Tech Startup

Another title to this talk could be “what you NEED to know about launching a legal tech startup”. This short presentation is packed full of real-life ups and downs of someone who dived into the challenge of changing the way things are done in legal. Filmed at the 2017 Legal Hackers International Summit – Brooklyn, NY.