The new digital front door to your law firm

Did a client enter your firm through the front door of your office today? Did a receptionist greet the client and offer a glass of water? This scenario is becoming less frequent as the digital age takes hold. It may become so rare that one day we may look back on it as a remnant from an earlier age of doing business. For a client to reach your office’s front door can involve time consuming and inconvenient travel. Your new front door is only a click away. Your website has become the new front door to your law firm. Your new digital […]

The Law Firm Marketing Challenge: Standing Out While Staying Professional

[Picture: Rafe Berding] Rafe Berding is a career marketing professional. When he sees a law firm website he looks at it through the eyes of a professional marketer. He evaluates law firm marketing efforts not just for their aesthetics but on their ability to achieve marketing and business development objectives. Rafe Berding is Head of Brand and Communications at GlobalX, a major provider of information and property-related services to law firms. He has been a keen observer of the evolution of law firm marketing on the internet. Unlike a lot of marketing professionals, Rafe Berding is aware of the delicate balance that […]

Good Branding / Bad Branding for Law Firms

by Rachel Williams, CEO of Zaliet. Too many lawyers underestimate how clients and consumers are affected by images and logos.   Both business and consumer clients expect a professional presentation from law firms and they will be influenced by a firm’s branding (or lack of it). Bad branding Bad branding is inconsistent. The logo appears one way on a firm’s website and another way on its business card. Fonts and colours change across mediums, and there is no consistent style or tone in content. There are no ‘slogans’ associated with the firm, or they vary so widely that there is […]

Content Creates Clients

Rachel Williams, CEO of Zaliet, says that quality website content should be a core focus of a law firm’s marketing activity. Here she explains why: Quality content improves the probability that prospective clients will find you online High quality website content improves your ranking in search results for engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Google assesses keywords and the quality, relevance and authority of the content when ranking results. People who come across your website during their searches are already looking for legal services like yours. You just have to be there, ready with useful content that convinces them they should work with you […]