RegTech Association receives NSW Government financial support to pursue Association’s aims

Minister for Trade and Industry Niall Blair has announced the NSW Government was backing new events designed to drive growth in the state’s emerging regulatory technology (RegTech) industry with the first event in Sydney this week (on 3-4 May). Mr Blair said the Government was supporting The RegTech Association with $30,000 in sponsorship to run the program of education and industry forums. “Regulatory Technology or RegTech is an emerging sector where Sydney and NSW have the potential to achieve serious global standing. “The RegTech industry supports organisations in managing regulation and compliance. It can help automate complex processes, cut red […]

The next big, exciting, disrupting, money-making, technologically-transforming thing

In case you didn’t know, RegTech is a thing. It’s not only a thing. It’s shaping up to be the next big thing. The next big, exciting, disrupting, money-making, technologically-transforming thing. There are questions about whether RegTech is an offspring of FinTech or perhaps a cousin of LegalTech. At this stage, what we do know is that it is the newest member of the family. What its exact relationship is to the other techs will no doubt become clearer with time. RegTech is technology that helps organisations comply with regulations. So what? You may ask. In case you haven’t noticed, […]

Lawyers scratching the surface of a $250 billion industry

Compliance has become Australia’s fastest growing sector and is currently worth $250 billion a year according to the business unit of the CSIRO known as Data61. Law firms have mostly been scratching the surface of this opportunity by providing the high level advices that law firms traditionally provide. Change is happening and 2018 may become the year of going vertical. You may hear the objection that law firms don’t get involved in their clients’ operational issues. That may still be a widely held belief but not one held by a couple of big name professional services organisations such as PWC and Norton Rose.  […]

Aussie connections extend KYC RegTech in the UK

[Ed note: Acronym catch-up – KYC is Know Your Customer. You want to know enough about a prospect or a client to make an informed decision about the regulatory and financial risks of doing business with them. RegTech is Regulatory Technology – technology that helps you meet your regulatory compliance obligations.] Kyckr, an ASX-listed regulatory technology company, is pleased to announce it will go live with the provision of its API services to LegalinX, UK, this week. LegalinX, part of the GlobalX Group, will use Kyckr’s primary source registry data to provide global company regulatory filings to the legal and […]