Better email practices utilising a practice management system

Sending emails from a practice management system will help avoid one of the most common causes of a notifiable data breach. Integrating email with a practice management system also ensures that matter-related information contained in emails is stored in the best place for efficient retrieval. See how FilePro handles emails in the video below.

Gordon Legal Launches Advertising Campaign

“I want to build a law firm whose lawyers got into the law because they want to help people.” Peter Gordon, Senior Partner, Gordon Legal That’s the message from Gordon Legal’s Senior Partner, Peter Gordon as the firm kicks-off an advertising campaign. The ads, which hit the airwaves on Sunday 15 April 2018, feature the firm’s senior lawyers talking about the drive, determination and passion that has brought them together, to work at Gordon Legal. Managing Partner, James Higgins said the firm will help working people when they need it most. “This is a big step for Gordon Legal and […]