Why the lawyers will win the next round of robot v lawyer

Reminiscent of IBM’s Big Blue beating chess champion Gary Kasparov, a computer scored a higher degree of accuracy in predicting case outcomes than a group of London-based commercial lawyers. In October 2017, CaseCruncher Alpha scored an accuracy of 86.6%. The lawyers scored an accuracy of 62.3%. Why the lawyers will win the next round We don’t know the details of the experience of the individuals who made up the group of London-based commercial lawyers. We don’t know how seriously they took the challenge and we don’t know how much time they put into reviewing the cases they were asked to predict. If verified […]

Tikit Tech Burst Webinar – Secure Document Sharing

  For GC’s who have to balance demands from their businesses and manage their team with very little technology to support them, cloud technology makes a real difference. It’s now much more practical to use technologies from the cloud with much less cost and effort and with fast results. There’s also a side benefit that, for software as a service solutions, you pay for the software as you use it on a subscription basis, so you only pay for what you need. Listen to one (or all!) of these 15 minute sessions to learn some quick ways in which Tikit […]