has announced the launch of its latest product to the Sydney market –BarristerSELECT.

BarristerSELECT is an easy, cost and time effective online service that connects solicitors with the most progressive chambers in NSW. A world-first online service, BarristerSELECT leverages the experience and knowledge of Barrister Clerks to advise firms on the best legal representation.

BarristerSELECT allows solicitors to quickly and transparently brief barristers for opinion and representation. “Solicitors can spend hours on end calling different chambers, trying to find the best (and readily available) barrister for their client’s brief. We are giving this time back, as well as providing access to a wide range of chambers, with our intuitive online form, that takes a maximum of five minutes to complete,” said Stephen Foley, Founder and Managing Director of taLaw. “Our same day service gives solicitors a response by 4:30pm if they submit their request by noon.”

Unlike other online services, BarristerSELECT enables solicitors to use the proficiency and knowledge of the barrister clerk to recommend the most appropriate barrister for a client’s brief. “Barrister clerks’ have built careers on the premise that they have a responsibility to nurture and grow the practices of their barristers. “The barrister clerk will always put the best barrister forward as the reputation of the chambers is front of mind.”

BarristerSELECT allows for an equitable briefing option when filling out the form, providing firms the opportunity to ensure that female barristers are included for consideration. With women comprising only 22.23 per cent of barristers in NSW, barrister clerks will be encouraged to put forward the best female barrister for the brief if the solicitor chooses this option. Last year, the Law Council of Australia unveiled its “equitable briefing” policy, and thus, we know it’s imperative to corporate firms to have equitable representation in briefing.

“We built this online service to help solicitors find the best barrister for their brief in Sydney,” said Foley. “We want to give solicitors the best possible choice when it comes to briefing barristers.”

BarristerSELECT is available in Sydney from September 2017. The online service is free for solicitors to brief. Chambers are charged $165 administration fee once a barrister is engaged by a firm.

For more information visit barristerselect.com


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