We recently reported on the in-house legal operations revolution which is about in-house counsel and legal departments optimising the delivery of legal services to their businesses.

How in-house legal departments operate and the productivity they want to achieve will have an unavoidable impact on the outside law firms that want to work with them.

The software technologies that in-house legal departments use have not been as standardised as that used by law firms. It is not unusual that they simply use whatever software is being used in their corporation. This is unlikely to meet their specific needs. 

New technology is now appearing that has been developed specifically for the needs of in-house legal departments. This will be sure to accelerate the legal operations revolution that is currently underway.

New generation artificial intelligence applications are being offered to law firms but law firms might be struggling to make the most of the software that they already have. In contrast, “software-starved” in-house legal departments are being offered software with the latest artificial intelligence already built into it. 

One such technology solution is Kim [Knowledge, Intelligence, Meaning].

One of the key attributes of Kim Technologies is the ability to create automated workflows without any coding experience.

After more than two years developing the platform with innovative in-house legal teams and law firms globally, the company announced the public release of its Intelligent Legal Operations Platform in May 2017:

Kim’s Intelligent Legal Operations Platform provides legal departments with a straightforward way to define, implement, and manage efficient and effective processes across the range of services typically provided by legal departments; from contract and in-life management, litigation and employment to compliance, patents and property. Through its powerful, patent pending, no-code configuration interface, Kim makes it straightforward for subject matter experts who have no IT development or programming experience to tailor the platform to their domain, function and organization.

For legal departments looking to systematize their service delivery, Kim’s Intelligent Legal Operations Platform amounts to legal service transformation in a box. It helps departments improve quality, drive consistency, manage risk, control costs and have access to comprehensive real time and trend reporting, whether the work is undertaken internally or by third parties.

Karl Chapman, Chief Executive of Riverview Law said, “Our collaboration with Kim has proved highly successful. Just as the finance, HR and sales functions have a range of operating platforms to choose from, the legal function now has Kim. Kim has helped power our growth over the last few years not only as we use Kim to provide managed services to our customers but also as we support in-house teams as they deploy Kim. Kim plus a Corporate Legal Department is that perfect mix of domain expertise (the department) and technology (Kim), working seamlessly to deliver results.”

The Kim Intelligent Legal Operations Platform is often visualized as providing three layers of functionality; Kim Foundation; Kim Rooms and Kim AI.

The Kim Foundation combines workflow and process automation, reporting and a legal function data layer. These three elements manage the end-to-end process from case/matter opening to case/matter closing; instruction management, triage and work allocation, foundational case and document management, document playbooks, case statuses, document repository, search and reporting. This foundational layer is tailored to individual organisations using Kim’s no-code configuration capabilities.

Once the Foundation is in place, customers can then build Kim Rooms covering all legal and related work-types: contract management, in-life management, litigation, employment, real estate, risk, compliance … Just as the different rooms in a house are built on the same foundations (kitchen, lounge, bedrooms, bathrooms …), Kim enables a series of configurable rooms (legal point solutions that work seamlessly together) to be built that allow the legal function to de-risk roll-out. Roll-out can be managed at a pace that a function sees fit; by work-type, geography and/or business unit (locally or globally). In a Kim Room all workflows and process automation and dashboards are configurable and can be tailored to each customer. Kim’s API provides integration with other point solutions including Salesforce and DocuSign.

Kim AI represents the roof of the house. With the Kim Foundation plus one or more Kim Rooms in place, customers can leverage Kim’s advanced, patent-pending AI capabilities that leverage such concepts as Machine Intelligence, Machine Learning and Neural Networks. Kim’s AI can provide document analysis and helps users make better and quicker decisions. It prompts answers, replicates the behaviours of the best advisers and drives enhanced self-service. Additionally, through swarm intelligence, Kim permits parallel processing of multiple Kim environments and replication of configurations between accounts.

Learn more at http://ask.kim/


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