While some firms haven’t done one yet, Terri Sari’s firm, Sargeants Conveyancing Wallan, is on track for 50 PEXA property transfers. Wallan is 60km north of the Melbourne CBD. 

Here, Terri Sari explains what is motivating her to adopt e-conveyancing.

Ideal vision for the conveyancing industry: Everything is electronic. Paper is gone

Sargeants Wallan’s ideal future vision for the industry and our clients in the digital era is that we go fully electronic. Everything is electronic. Paper is gone. I like PEXA! We got on board because we didn’t want to be left behind. We want to keep up with the industry. With the help of our PEXA Direct Specialist Aaron Gibbs we’ve completed a large number of transfers with others in the pipeline. The transition has been smooth. We’ve amended a few processes to put our files through PEXA. Sargeants Wallan is now on track to complete its first 50 online property transfers.

No waiting on hold with the banks for long periods of time

With the online system we can fix things right up to the last minute putting us more in control of settlement. Problems can be resolved quickly and settlements can proceed on time. PEXA brings a more streamlined and simpler process. We’re no longer worried about documents going missing in the mail. A great benefit is that when a transaction is digital we no longer have to wait on hold on the phone with the banks for long periods of time.

The PEXA system is easy to use – the left hand menu is nice and simple

Going digital contrasts with paper-based property transactions. There’s greater certainty that our matters will settle on PEXA. In terms of being user-friendly, the system is easy enough once you’re familiar with it. Working down the left hand menu is nice and simple.

Our clients are ecstatic that they may be able to immediately access cleared property sale funds

Our clients are also ecstatic that they may be able to get access to cleared funds immediately after settlement (depending on the financial institution that they bank with of course). To take paper out of property transactions people need to start using PEXA. Don’t be afraid. Jump in. Everyone is so used to their usual way of working. So when something new comes along they see it as a chore. But there is a new way and conveyancers just need to do it! PEXA is easy to use.

PEXA’s free SettleMe reduces our clients stress when buying and selling property

e-Conveyancing can also help grow a business to be more competitive. For example, we offer a free tool for members called SettleMe. The app reduces the stress of buying and selling property by instantly updating our clients on the progress of their property settlement through a mobile or from their desktop PC.