It has been a big month for news about solutions to the problem of access to justice. The Law Council of Australia provided a progress report on its Justice Project. The Global Legal Hackathon commenced its second round of pitches. 

The Law Council¬†estimates that as a minimum, an extra $390 million a year is needed “to get legal assistance back on its feet”. It also recommends a whole-of-government approach and¬†the introduction of Justice Impact Tests for government policies. The final report¬†from the Justice Project is expected later this year.

The Global Legal Hackathon with its emphasis on technology and innovation will undoubtedly surface¬†new ideas to alleviate access to justice ‘blockages’ in different parts of the world.

While not diminishing the role of the Justice Project and initiatives coming out of The Global Legal Hackathon, the biggest access to justice news in Australia this month was almost certainly the launch of Trade Mark Defence Insurance.

It is a significant development because it could prove to be a model of insurance cover that could be applied to other spheres of legal need and disputes. 

IP Australia announced:

To assist small and medium sized enterprises with the costs of defending a trade mark, Trade Mark Protect has been launched by BMS Risk Solutions, partnered with CFC Underwriters and Griffith Hack.

Trade Mark Protect, a trade mark defence insurance product, provides a sustainable and affordable option for trade mark applicants and owners to meet the costs of defending their trade mark against an opposition to registration or application for removal of their trade mark.

Late last year, we announced that following a competitive process via AusTender, BMS Risk Solutions and partners were selected to develop a defence insurance solution for our trade mark customers. 

Our role in identifying a provider was to assist Australian businesses with obtaining access to effective trade mark defence insurance; however, this product is offered by BMS and not through IP Australia. We receive no benefit from Trade Mark Protect and receive no benefit with respect to the sale of any insurance policies by BMS or partners.

While we recognise the value of Trade Mark Protect, we do not warrant or guarantee the suitability of the product for your specific purposes or needs.

If you’re interested in Trade Mark Protect, visit the Trade Mark Protect site

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