There is an innovations race in the legal services market which is in many cases sidelining “traditional” law firms. Clients want new and better ways to satisfy their legal services needs and there is no shortage of service providers willing to offer new solutions.

At the minimum, lawyers and law firm leaders should inform themselves about what is happening in the legal services market and what is driving this change. Even better, law firms have the opportunity to be innovators themselves.

New approaches to legal practice can only come through new ways of thinking. Old-thinking is great for glorifying the good old days and lamenting their passing. New-thinking tries to understand the dynamics of today’s market and to find a prosperous place within it.

How do you start new-thinking? One way is to enter the world of what is called Design Thinking.

The College of Law has created an opportunity – over a breakfast seminar – to be introduced to the concept of Design Thinking.

Lisa Leong and Tristan Forrester will be presenting at the breakfast seminars taking place in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. These two speakers have an intimate knowledge of the legal services market. It will be an incredible opportunity to hear their insights on how lawyers and their firms can start using Design Thinking as a positive way to face the future.

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