Did a client enter your firm through the front door of your office today? Did a receptionist greet the client and offer a glass of water? This scenario is becoming less frequent as the digital age takes hold. It may become so rare that one day we may look back on it as a quaint remnant of an earlier age of doing business.

For a client to reach your office’s front door can involve time consuming and inconvenient travel. Your new front door is only a click away. Your website has become the new front door to your law firm.

Your new digital front door can let in multiple clients at the same time. It is the entry point for an increasing number of essential services provided by law firms.

Specialist law firm web developer, Zaliet has been transforming law firm websites into functional working spaces that incorporate a front door, reception area and a lot more:

Making an appointment

A common complaint among law firm clients is the difficulty they face arranging a meeting with their lawyers. When they contact the firm, there is a lot of back and forth trying to find a suitable time for both parties.

An Online Appointment Booking System like LawTap integrates directly into your website. It provides your clients unparalleled convenience and ease. It also saves you a lot of time and helps to resolve issues of miscommunication.

With LawTap, website visitors view your schedule and book appointments with you via a button prominently placed on your website. You can block out dates that don’t work for you. Appointments are directly filed into LEAP and your Outlook calendar, so you are always up-to-date.

Paying a bill

Another area where you can allow clients to efficiently ‘self-serve’ is payment. Integrating a Payment Portal on your website can make it easy for your clients to make deposits directly into the trust account or pay an outstanding invoice.

LEAP offers an online payment system that integrates directly from your website into LEAP. Its Payment Portal is branded with the name of your firm and uses a payment gateway provided by Westpac directly to your bank.

Every invoice or request for a trust deposit has a unique ID (like a BPAY ID) and your client just needs to click on the link and they will be taken directly to the payment portal. Clients have multiple payment options available to them including EFT, BPAY and Credit Card.

Having a meeting

In the past, a meeting with a lawyer meant sitting across a physical desk in an office. These days, meeting a lawyer is just as commonly a teleconference or a video call.

The firm’s website can be the most straightforward way to launch an electronic meeting. It can be set up with the technical requirements to quickly and easily establish such a meeting.

Utilising the firm’s website as the starting point enables the client to become familiar with your firm's meeting software for current and future matters. 

Working on documents

When you email documents to your clients, you have to deal with the possibility that your email will get lost in your client’s inbox. This is frustrating and time-consuming because you must chase it up with phone calls and more emails. Important documents get lost this way.

This isn’t the only problem with emailing documents. What about security? Email is an inherently insecure medium for sending confidential documents. You run the risk of hacking or mistakenly sending confidential documents to the wrong person. Recalling emails is next to impossible.

LawConnect is an innovative partner add-on that resolves this issue and gives your clients a reason to return to your website. A cloud document management system, LawConnect lets you share, view and collaborate on matter documents with your clients, directly out of the matter in LEAP.

It is a secure, safe and organised alternative to sending confidential documents by email. You and your clients can upload documents directly into the matter instead of emailing them. All documents are organised logically in the matter they belong to, which is a massive benefit to your clients because they will have all their important documents in the one place.

All documents are subject to an audit trail. There will never be confusion about what was sent or when. This dramatically improves the efficiency, transparency and quality of your communication with your clients.

Your clients will appreciate the ease and organisation of being able to view all their matter documents in one place, at any time, via a portal on your website. It is also incredibly easy for your client to login. There is no setup at all for you or your client. They can log in using their Facebook, Google or Email credentials.

The hidden benefits

Every time a client visits your website to make an appointment, pay an invoice, work on a document or start a meeting, Google takes note of all this activity. These are the SEO benefits. Google will want to send more people who are looking for legal services to your website.  

The digital age is about client service and efficiency. It should not be about removing the human element altogether. In fact, once the matter is finished, you and your client can meet in person for a drink or a meal.

There’s no need to be fumbling with papers in a cafe since the documents were probably signed electronically. However, a coffee, a pleasant chat and perhaps exploring further business opportunities might lead to the next trail of digital activity through the new front door of your website.

Zaliet is available to help you transform your firm’s website for the digital age. Visit www.zaliet.com