A pivot ends the Atrium law firm experiment. CEO and Co-founder, Justin Kan signals a sharper focus on its software business and a new staffing service beyond legal services. This comes a little over six months after raising US$50 million.

The journey so far:

11 July 2017  The Secret Legal-Tech Product with US$10.5m Funding

22 September 2017 The client who birthed a law firm and its legal technology

12 September 2018 Silicon Valley to show the world how to do legal services

10 July 2019 US$50 million to build software for law firms and in-house

and now:

From The Future of Atrium

Blog excerpt authored by Jusin Kan:

In our next phase of growth, we will continue expanding outside of legal services as trusted startup advisors by building a professional services network dedicated to founders.

We will continue to invest in legal and are excited to shortly announce new senior partners. Our partners will work with the specialists in our professional services network to deliver exceptional legal services in a fast and transparent manner.

While building Atrium, something also became greatly apparent: founders trust Atrium for advice on how to grow their business – not only surrounding legal but with questions such as when to hire a sales leader, how to best announce their latest fundraising, how to handle recruiting technical talent in a job seeker’s market, and so many other areas that are important to scaling a startup.

We’ve seen undeniable proof that the needs of our customers go well beyond legal. For example, through our Fundraise Concierge team, we help minimize the frustration of fundraising while maximizing results. We do this by coaching founders — from crafting their narrative and pitch to running an effective process for their business. In just the past year, this has resulted in clients raising over $200M in additional funding.

I love that we’ve seen such great success in sharing our knowledge in this way. This is just one proof point that founders are seeking holistic business services and advice for the key issues they face. Therefore, we plan to continue to deliver startup solutions through our client-centric platform solving the hardest founder problems through customized mentorship, technology, and a concierge program of expert advisors.