If you have never seen this feature on a law firm website, you might be initially startled. However, looking beyond the novelty element reveals the perfectly sensible reasons for implementing it. 

A website is all about communication. For example, when you land on the Law Partners home page, the video presenter tells you the message that Law Partners wants to convey to you. The same message in text relies on the visitor noticing the words and then reading them. It is impossible not to notice a video message.

Moving from one page to another, the video presenter tells you where you are on the website and what you can do in that section. 

In addition, the Law Partners website has numerous short video guides that answer questions related to Unfair Dismissal and Constructive Dismissal. This is a video version of a FAQ section.

Sydney headquartered Law Partners took a risk with this form of website innovation but it looks like a risk that was well worth taking, with the results speaking for themselves.

Link to Law Partners website