Dentons has launched Dentons Virtual Counsel (DVC) in Australia – a web-based tool which allows subscribers to access fixed-price legal advice as they need it.

As the world’s largest law firm, Dentons is committed to innovating the practice of law in ways that not only provide clients with tailored and superior service, but also shape where the practice of law is going.

DVC is a new offering that allows Australian businesses access to as much (or as little) legal help for their day-to-day business needs from experienced Dentons lawyers as they need it, such as:

  • Answering company secretarial queries
  • Reviewing or preparing standard form documents 
  • Creating basic policies and procedures
  • Assisting with ASIC and ASX compliance 
  • Assisting with PPSA queries 
  • Assisting with ACCC compliance 
  • Strategic advice on responding to regulators or dealing with disputes
  • Strategic advice when planning for transactions 
  • …and much more

The benefits of DVC include:

  • Cost certainty  DVC’s fixed-price model provides businesses cost certainty over their legal spend.
  • A centralised platform to house all legal queries  Retain corporate memory with all legal queries and responses housed in one place. 
  • Easy access to legal help – Multiple people within the business can log a query, improving efficiency. 
  • Identify company trends – Our reporting function allows businesses to see what their team is regularly asking for help on so they can identify and address any issues or areas of risk. 
  • Senior management oversight – Senior management can get a clear picture of what their business’ legal needs are.

Partner and head of Dentons’ Corporate group in Australia, Nick Stretch, says the platform is another tool that will contribute to the evolving landscape of legal services for the business sector.

“We know that the legal landscape is changing. Clients are looking for greater value around legal services and businesses are looking for more efficient and cost-effective ways to operate.

“We developed Dentons Virtual Counsel in Australia with the needs of our clients in mind. Not every business needs or is able to retain an in-house team of full-time legal professionals. Dentons Virtual Counsel offers our clients the best of both worlds – access to experienced lawyers with specific expertise in their individual practice specialities whose services are available as and when they are needed, in a cost-effective way.

“The platform will challenge the status quo for the legal industry with its forward thinking, solutions-focused approach, aimed at giving clients access to a deeper talent pool of specialists with absolute cost certainty. The reporting and analysis tools will also be of great assistance in analysing and addressing corporate compliance risk.”

Dentons Virtual Counsel is currently available only for Australian businesses but can be rolled out globally in the future.