Mid-tier law firms are getting excited again about their practice management system. Three law firms reveal what led them to choose PracticeEvolve and how they are benefiting from the software.

Understanding of legal business workflows.

Modern law firms are hungry for solid solutions with which they can easily develop repeatable workflows. When processes become systematic and repeatable, they can become more scalable. New Zealand based Sharp Tudhope lawyers, were the first firm in their region to partner with PracticeEvolve for this very reason.

Practice Manger, Mrs. Himpers,  explained their investment decision “We understand that those firms that invest well, and stick with the technology, reap enormous benefits when it comes to saving time and money, keeping track of profit-driving metrics and ultimately, delivering superior quality of service to their clients. PracticeEvolve offers all the features and functionality to help us realise those benefits.”

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Unrestricted access to their data.

Data becomes more valuable as firms grow larger and more complex. Specifically, larger firms are looking for a system that comes with easily customisable reporting tools.

Darian Iacono, Solicitor Director of &Legal, explained the reason why in the end PracticeEvolve was the only choice for his firm. “We spent quite some time looking for a system that offered both, the functionality to automate our business workflows, and the flexibility to manipulate our data as we see fit. Unlike some other providers, PracticeEvolve gives us complete control over our data and the tools necessary to manipulate it. The reporting functionality is intuitive and easy to learn and use. As a firm, we dictate the data we want to capture, and the system allows us to build customisable reports in-house and in real time without requiring specialist skills or incurring any extra fees. This is vital for a larger firm, especially one that is on a steady path of growth.”

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Ongoing development of the solution

The selection of a practice management system is typically driven by the functionality of the system at the time of selection; however, the ongoing support and development of the software is just as critical to the future success of its users.

Mid-tier firms are increasingly looking to partner with technology providers who can deliver on their promise to look after their clients long after the initial installation. MSJA Lawyers, a specialist property and development law firm based in Brisbane, is one such example.  

As a law firm, we put our energy into anticipating our client’s current and future needs. Our partnership with PracticeEvolve has helped us take our innovative ideas for handling legal work and convert them into the processes that underpin the work that we do for our clients. We’re working on market-leading ideas with PracticeEvolve’s technology at the heart of our operations. This is reflective of our client’s needs and will position us at the head of the property industry”, said MSJA Lawyers Director, Sarm Jamieson

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PracticeEvolve has more than 6,000 users and 550 firms globally. It is legal practice management software developed specifically for mid-tier and growing law firms across Australia, New Zealand, UK and Ireland. 

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