The launch of Immediation

How important is technology for resolving disputes? If two parties really want to resolve their dispute they can achieve it with such ordinary tech as the telephone and email.

When parties are stuck in disagreement, is adding even more tech, like Skype for example, going to make a difference? Unlikely.

If parties to a commercial dispute end up in a court process, they and their advisors will be required to comply with the procedures and technology of the court.

When we hear that dispute resolution through the court system is too slow, too costly and too unpredictable, is it because of a lack of tech or the right tech? The established court system has been making a lot of progress with the adoption of new technologies and has even been implementing online and remote services. Whatever the reason or reasons, litigated disputes are still too often too slow, too costly and too unpredictable.

A new service called Immediation has been established to provide an alternative.

The service is being planned to launch in February 2019. It is a private enterprise Online Dispute Resolution service designed by people with significant experience working in the current system.  

The team includes the service’s founder, Laura Keily, a barrister and ex-corporate lawyer and Claire Bibby, a high profile general counsel with 25+ years of experience in the corporate world.

Their goal is to establish a dispute resolution service that has stripped out the problems of the existing court system and will better meet the needs of corporate Australia.

Just as tech is only part of the problem with the current system, the success of Immediation will depend on a lot more than getting the tech right. 

Immediation is unlikely to be adopted simply because it is an online service. Amongst the many factors that will result in its use will be the professionals involved in providing services through the platform.

Immediation is currently building its expert panel of barristers, solicitors, mediators and arbitrators.

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