By David Favretto*

In any business, it’s no secret that the quality of your team determines how well your company performs. Fostering collaboration and effective teamwork can lead to better outcomes for your business and ultimately, better outcomes for clients. When it comes to conveyancing, work on a transaction will likely be juggled between several people, divvying out tasks such as completing title and planning searches, preparing the contract of sale and liaising with the client. But how do you ensure team collaboration on a project is efficient and effective?

The simple answer: technology.

Digital software is innovating the conveyancing industry. Not only can it save practitioners time and money, it can also optimise teamwork. Collaboration through digital augmentation allows teams to work simultaneously on a project while having access to all necessary resources and functions in one place. GlobalX’s Matter Centre is a single workflow solution that offers users the chance to maximise teamwork due to three key advantages.

Clear communication is key

Matter Centre integrates smart workflow, electronic contracts and settlements, property information and admin communication, so that teams can instantly access all of the materials relevant to a project. Teams will always be able to stay on top of what tasks have been completed, which will reduce overlaps in work as well as action on outstanding activities. Being able to communicate effectively when collaborating on a project is key to eliminating errors and increasing efficiency, and ultimately, Matter Centre acts as a single source of truth.

Breaking borders
Matter Centre and conveyancing technology allows employees to access all documents, view all updates and work simultaneously from different locations. Removing physical proximity as a requirement of teamwork breaks the need for practitioners to be holed up in the same space. This is a crucial advantage for large franchise firms, right  down to small businesses. Conveyancers and property lawyers can work on the same project from completely different locations; and as workplace flexibility continues to grow as a trend, technology also offers the potential for practitioners to work from home. Matter Centre is making teamwork more dynamic, redefining not only how teams work, but where.

One stop conveyancing shop
Conveyancers need not waste time swapping between programs and exchanging files when working together on a project. Matter Centre is fully equipped with software to complete a plethora of conveyancing services in the one location. The key functions of the platform include pre-populating forms and documents, verification of identity services, property settlement calculators, PEXA integration, Microsoft Word and email integration, electronic contracts for sale, as well as electronic signing technology. Instead of spending time locating files or sharing your work, teams can collaborate on a fully-updated platform with the information and services they require. This time saved can be used to achieve more in the day, or even be used for team building activities like meetings and catch ups.

With innovative conveyancing software like this, it’s clear that sometimes effective teamwork can come down to ‘matter’ over mind!

*David Favretto is National Manager of Matter Centre at GlobalX.