By InfoTrack.

We all love things built just for us. Whether it be preferred settings on your mobile home screen, ‘recommended viewing’ for your Netflix profile, or your car’s digital dash screen set with your personal preferences. These technology sweeteners have emerged in recent years to improve your experience and to give you back the power to streamline how you do things in your day to save you time.

The handling of property matters can vary greatly from state to state and based on whether you are completing a sale, purchase or custom Contract. When it comes to sourcing the right technology support for your firm, look for the option that removes unnecessary steps, that is able to intuitively adapt your workflow to whichever property matter you are handling, and one that has been built by Australians who understand and adapt to the changing legal landscape across all Australian jurisdictions.

The Australian Financial Review recently reported that “many Australian businesses have been able to … embrace digital transformation over the last 12 months.” Embracing digital transformation has been critical to the success of many legal and conveyancing firms over the last year and when it comes to the complexities and massive amount of variation required to complete property matters, it can be time consuming and challenging to navigate the complexities of every single matter.

Here are three reasons why it is worth investing in dedicated property technology that is built for your firm’s unique searching needs:

  1. Technology built for you gives adapts to your workflow needs

When you meet a client’s needs, you don’t offer them the same out of the box service. Each client receives your dedicated time and expertise. InfoTrack is no different, offering you the freedom to use what you need, when you need it.

As the pioneers of e-conveyancing, InfoTrack’s leading digital conveyancing solution is adaptive to your workflow needs. Our mission is to innovate the way the legal industry operates.

InfoTrack’s adaptive workflows allowed Perry Russell from KeyLaw Conveyancing in Queensland to complete multiple property matters across multiple states, effectively growing his firm.  Perry reported a significant rebound in the property market after the initial COVID-19 lockdowns. “After that, there was a dramatic weekly increase in contracts for the rest of the year. The market bounced back hard and quickly in QLD. We also noticed a lot of southerners from NSW and Victoria relocating to QLD and many are buying property sight unseen.”

Perry’s experience is not unique to InfoTrack clients. InfoTrack caters to specific workflow needs. Whether it be a property sale or purchase in NSW; you can select the Titles, Certificates and Searches relevant to that unique matter in one workspace, reducing the need to go to multiple authorities and waiting for certificates to be returned when you’re on a short deadline. Or if you require a custom contract in QLD or VIC, InfoTrack has what you need to compile the relevant documents with ease, all in one place.

  1. Technology built for you can help you stay at the forefront of industry changes

When the Registrar General or ARNECC set out new mandates, who do you turn to when seeking assistance for managing new requirements? It is imperative that your technology provider is first and fast to ensure your firm stays up to date to meet new demands. No matter what state you work in or what type of property matter you’re completing, InfoTrack supports these workflow needs.

Amanda Spencer from Bridge Legal in NSW reports that the efficiencies InfoTrack offer her firm has enabled them to increase their reputation. “At Bridge Legal, we’ve introduced most of the products that InfoTrack offer as part of their end to end e-conveyancing workflow. We find that the efficiency they offer enhances our reputation.”

InfoTrack has supported lawyers and conveyancers with the transition to digital methods of conveyancing for over 21 years, including end to end technology that increases productivity and enhances efficiency for your firm. InfoTrack aims to stay at the forefront of legal tech so your firm can remain efficient, effective and relevant.  

Amanda continues, “The best part of the e-conveyancing workflow is that it steps you through the process. Being online, it means you can access the services, anywhere at any time. We receive training regularly which is great when we onboard new staff, meaning we can get on top of work quickly.”

Stefen Kourkoulis, Principal of S.Kourkoulis & Associates in Victoria has found, InfoTrack’s “assistance and guidance has been a tremendous support to our firm during a time when industry practices and procedures are constantly changing.”

Throughout the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, InfoTrack supported the legal and conveyancing industry with a Transition to e-Conveyancing Care Package and our team of Australian-based developers continually release new updates to support the industry through changes such as state-based mandates on electronic Titles and Dealings, electronic signing and remote verification of identity.

  1. Technology built for you can help you grow your client relationships and meet demand

InfoTrack solutions can be accessed anywhere at any time, meaning when you need smart technology – in the office or out and about. Jason Tjeong from MLC Lawyers in NSW found that, “InfoTrack has assisted us in adapting to ‘the new normal’ of remote working and post COVID-19 customer expectations in being able to be able to service them from anywhere at any time.” For his firm, the ability to adapt and transition to digital processes meant survival during the pandemic.

InfoTrack is integrated with over 30 different practice management systems, which means you save time and reduce data entry. Jason shared that, “The full integration of InfoTrack’s e-conveyancing products allows for a seamless customer experience and easy to manage practice management solution.” For Jason and MLC Lawyers, this means less time spent on administration and more time spent enhancing relationships and growing the firm.

As we all transition to what McKinsey and Company have defined as the ‘Next Normal’, where organisations ‘reset for growth beyond the COVID-19 pandemic’, tailored technology will support your firm’s unique needs and situation. InfoTrack’s end to end e-conveyancing solution has been built for lawyers and conveyancers who are striving for ‘Next Normal’.

New technologies have allowed firms to evolve rapidly, setting strong growth in motion. InfoTrack will continue to make the lives of lawyers and conveyancers more productive and efficient. Start the transition to ‘Next Normal’ by getting started with InfoTrack.