Legal Search provider, triSearch has announced the launch of Settlement service SettleIT at a time where conveyancers are feeling the pressure of remote work and changes in regulations.

With COVID changing the way conveyancing is conducted, the industry has rapidly adopted online solutions to complete their conveyancing matters. SettleIT is a service that allows conveyancers to outsource the lodgement of registry documents and complete settlements electronically. For firms worried about conducting settlement in a post-COVID environment, this comes as a much-needed solution.

The product itself is not new to the industry, with a market-leading legal-tech company successfully offering SettleIT since 2019.

triSearch has leveraged a version of this product, keeping in line with its other product offerings.

triSearch CEO, Taylah Allen, comments on this structure stating that “triSearch have used this model of leveraging existing technology for our Search Platform and it has proven successful in being able to offer clients premium technology without the costs of maintenance and development. These savings are passed on to clients in the form of low-cost products, creating a win-win for all parties.”. With triSearch offering SettleIT, Lawyers & Conveyancers now have choice when it comes to settlement outsourcing.

The benefits of SettleIT comes in the form of time-saving. Lawyers & Conveyancers can book their settlements through SettleIT and the experienced network of agents will conduct the entire settlement and lodgement process, seeking approval at key stages. “It’s a flexible and affordable solution where firms can hand over their Settlement and be confident that all the T’s will be crossed and the I’s will be dotted” explains Taylah when asked why SettleIT is useful for the industry. She continues to summarize why it’s such an important addition to the triSearch offering as she states “clients have been requesting an efficient settlement service from and the pressures of COVID have only boosted this need. Many practitioners are worried about how they will continue to run their businesses without face-to-face interactions and SettleIT provides this solution”.

SettleIT is the final piece of the eConveyancing process offered by triSearch, giving clients access to an end-to-end suite of electronic tools. The process goes through Verification of Identity, property searches, ordering of contracts, digital signatures and now settlements. “We are constantly on the lookout for feedback to expand our offering, keeping the end-user in mind when making changes. We have other tech-updates in the works which I am excited to share with our clients and the wider profession as they progress”.

SettleIT is now live and available nationally.