The 100 years of (combined) experience in your firm is impressive. However the next website that your prospective client visits might have 101 years.  

Website profile pictures of friendly faces can cause a website visitor to linger for that extra three seconds before they go off to do another Google search. 

Glowing testimonials on your website might give a prospect the urge to pick up the phone but chances are they are at work and the boss is looking over their shoulder.

A website quoting tool that is “plugged” into a legal practice website is the perfect activity for a prospective client who wants to take the next step in the direction of your firm.

Perfect Portal, a division of LEAP Legal Software, has created a website plugin called INSTRUCT that collects contact information from website visitors and in return gives them an instant quote for conveyancing services. 

If the quote is in their ballpark, then they will probably take another look at the number of years’ experience, the people bios and the testimonials – or reviews as they are becoming known these days.

Turn your legal practice into a client service hub

As well as automatic quotes via a website, staff can generate professionally branded quotes from their desktop using Perfect Portal.

Give your local real estate agent access to the tool and they will be able to generate quotes on your behalf. The real estate agent becomes much more than a referrer. You enable the agent to also become a valuable source of pricing information.  

When the prospective client becomes a client, there is a handy button which brings over their details from Perfect Portal into a new LEAP matter. 

Perfect Portal is a lot more than a quoting app. Once a matter commences, an online portal is established which keeps the client updated on the progress of their matter. The client has a choice to receive updates through a browser or via email.

Perfect Portal has created a quoting tool and portal functionality that is specifically designed for the needs of conveyancing practices. 

It may be time to stop pretending that the internet is stuck in 1997 when clients really want a 2017 approach. 

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