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A final-year National University of Singapore law and economics student, along with three peers, has created a case outcome simulator for splitting matrimonial assets. The startup that is emerging with this technology is known as Lex Quanta. 

“Lex Quanta aims to extend the simulator’s capabilities to other cases like those involving personal injuries such as traffic accidents, commercial cases such as contract disputes and intellectual property disputes, and other family law matters such as wills and letters of administration.” Read more in the Straits Times.

Singapore is becoming a supportive environment for emerging legal technology development and adoption. The Singapore Government last year announced a S$2.8 million pool of funds payable as subsidies to law firms who adopted technology from a list of suppliers.

This program has given a boost to Knowledge Management / Legal Research startup Intellex. Intellex had previously expressed a desire to expand into Australia.

Singapore has its own Future Law Innovation Programme (FLIP), a similarly named study was conducted by the Law Society of NSW last year. However the Singapore programme is taking it a step further by establishing a dedicated legal sector incubator known as Collision 8. Lex Quanta will be one of the participants in the Innovation Programme.  


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