Ben Stevens, located in South Carolina, started using Macs in his small law firm in 2005. He is interviewed in a podcast about his experience of setting up and using Macs in his law firm. Ben Stevens has become so enthusiastic about using Macs that he has set up one of the most influential blogs on the subject –

In the podcast he addresses:

• What you need to consider to make a successful transition to a Mac law office
• Becoming comfortable with using the Mac operating system
• Considerations for data conversions from Windows-based systems
• The viability of running Windows-based legacy systems on a Mac in a virtualised PC environment
• The software that he uses including his use of web-based practice management and document management solutions
• The Mac mini as a server, Apple networks and Macs connected to a Windows server

Access the podcast at the Legal Talk Network here

The Legal Talk Network has also produced a podcast about the use of technology by paralegals. It is a conversation between two very senior and experienced paralegals and well worth listening to.