Former lawyer, Jeremy Levitt of

Back in 2007, Jeremy Levitt and Oliver Pennington couldn’t believe tradies were still paying for a Yellow Pages listing and the directory company at the time was still earning more than $100 million in annual revenue. Yet locking down a reliable tradie to get a job done for a fair price was still next to impossible.

“We knew there was a better way. Tradies would often pay for a Yellow Pages listing and then forget all about it. Customers would find their details and call, but businesses were busy doing jobs. The calls weren’t answered. ” says Jeremy. “We had the same issues every time we had a job to do”.

After a few drinks one night, Jeremy and co-CEO Oliver Pennington made a plan: a new concept to create an interactive website where tradies were always online, responding to jobs immediately. The best part, upfront prices so consumers didn’t waste time ringing around.

Today, more than 2 million Australians have tried this new way to hire a tradie and has generated more than 10 million quotes from over 140,000 registered businesses.

The idea is simple – businesses join, get verified and register to hear from new customers. Customers then describe their job online and matched businesses respond with a quote. They can then easily compare the available quotes, read reviews and check for relevant licenses to choose the best business for their job.

Legal Practice Intelligence asked Jeremy Levitt whether a law degree and practising law was of any use in his entrepreneurial endeavours?

Jeremy Levitt: “A law degree helped immensely. Work experience at Allens set me up for a career of entrepreneurship. My legal career helped in the initial stages of running my own business as we in-sourced all our own legal work, from setting up the business, maintaining the ASIC register, raising our own capital, managing our own business disputes and attending all our own tribunal matters. This was a massive money saver.

“But beyond that, a law degree helped with focus and hard work as these were two skills honed during my studies and beyond, as a solicitor at one of the best law firms in the country.”


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