Cost effective web application development and mobile location tracking services are being used to deliver new clients to law firms and to stay in touch with existing clients.

Gadens new web application for Building Codes

Gadens recently launched a user-friendly web application to assist head contractors and subcontractors to be compliant with building codes for Commonwealth funded work.

Corporate Advisory Partner Jonathon Hadley, a specialist in workplace relations, said: “There are strict building codes for Commonwealth funded work which could ultimately result in exclusion sanctions if contractors don’t meet their obligations.”

“The codes are complex and our new web application is a step-by-step tool that will save contractors time in regards to them fully understanding their rights and responsibilities,” Mr Hadley said.

“Embracing our digital platforms will enable contractors to assess compliance obligations relating to building codes while on a construction site.”

Visit the web application at:

Better than ambulance chasing

If your smartphone ‘knows’ where you are and you are willing to accept prompts for suggestions and reviews, then next time you are sitting in a medical waiting room, you could receive a suggestion from a personal injury lawyer.

From the US:

The technology behind the ads, known as geo-fencing, or placing a digital perimeter around a specific location, has been deployed by retailers for years to offer coupons and special offers to customers as they shop. Bringing it into health care spaces, however, is raising alarm among privacy experts.

“It’s really, I think, the closest thing an attorney can do to putting a digital kiosk inside of an emergency room,” said digital marketer Bill Kakis, who runs the Long Island-based firm Tell All Digital. Kakis says he recently inked deals with personal injury law firms in the Philadelphia area to target patients.

“Is everybody in an emergency room going to need an attorney? Absolutely not,” Kakis said. “But people that are going to need a personal injury attorney are more than likely at some point going to end up in an emergency room.”

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