What do lawyers charge for their services? Join the survey and find out.

Last year’s survey revealed that Asset Sale Agreements and Binding Financial Agreements were the most lucrative documents to prepare for clients based on the metric of time taken to complete the document in relation to the amount charged. We also learned about the percentage of revenue that is charged on a fixed fee basis.

In a pandemic year, how have law firms adjusted their pricing strategies to adapt to the new economic climate? Some Interesting questions that the pandemic has raised:

  • How much should you charge for each service?
  • What do other lawyers charge?
  • How will this impact your bottom line?

Join hundreds of firms in benchmarking prices for fixed-fee legal services.  Survey: https://newlawcle.com.au/survey/

By participating in this survey and anonymously sharing what you charge for legal services, you will receive free access to the pricing report, showing you what law firms like yours charge for their services. 

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