Book Review of: Step by Step Guide to Operating a Successful Conveyancing / Legal Practice [revised edition]

If you can’t define success then how can you achieve it?

Garth Brown, conveyancer and consultant, defines success for himself as “working part time for a full time income … and having quality time in life to spend with family and friends.”

Garth Brown started his own conveyancing practice in 2001. Last year he received peer recognition when he won the award of AIC NSW Conveyancer of the Year. 
Garth is passionate about helping others achieve business success in conveyancing and legal practice. He has just released a revised edition of his e-book: Step by Step Guide to Operating a Successful Conveyancing / Legal Practice.

What makes a person or practice successful? In his book, Garth Brown outlines eight requirements for success. These include, being decisive and taking “massive” action now and doing what others are not doing.

These are unprecedented times. Technological change and competitive forces are creating new challenges for everyone in practice. In particular, conveyancing services are currently being transformed from paper to paperless and from face to face or telephone to online.

Garth Brown

Garth Brown is clear in his views on these developments: “Running a paperless office is no longer an option and a change you cannot afford not to make if you are serious about operating a successful Conveyancing/Legal Practice.”

There is probably no more important time than now to clearly define what success means to you and to arm yourself with the best resources to achieve it.

Garth Brown’s 76 page e-book is one of those resources that could be the difference between success and failure. The e-book is almost the opposite of a theoretical textbook. It is mostly practical advice based on real experience.

In the e-book, Garth shares his personal and fascinating story of how he discovered the conveyancing profession. Garth Brown had the entrepreneurial spirit even before he entered the profession. His small window cleaning business, that was meant to support him during his period as a student, ended up paying for much more than a conveyancing course. 

The revised edition of the Step-by-Step Guide includes an expanded list of resources that would be useful for anyone in a small legal or conveyancing practice.

Garth Brown offers a money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the e-book within seven (7) days of purchase, the $150 purchase price will be refunded. Buy via link below.